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2010-03-22 17:17:54 by MattRauch

cleared up some mess involving audio sumbition.

past due

2010-03-14 17:06:35 by MattRauch

a day or two late getting the first flash submitted. once that is all good I'll be jumping on some more serious animations and hillarities.
though no one might read this, still, it's a reminder to myself. lol

all most there

2010-02-12 21:53:05 by MattRauch

First Flash submission coming soon.
Aaaaaaand that's practically it.

post it.

2009-09-09 01:29:33 by MattRauch

Two announcements in one night. Ya, well, it seems I'm going to be posting some art on here to pass the time until and animation comes in that is currently undergo.

check out what I have when you get the chance. all I got is one picture at the moment.

ya. I got a package in the UPS today. it was a head. I decided to post it on this lovely site of critics.

So ya. there it is. new header. Shows my net char.(updated look) not full body. If you seen, followed or follow me on my deviantart page you would know some of my char background (the yellow hair didn't cut it to well. looked to contrasty with the body colors.)
and the simple little animated shorts you can recognize me by under created I did and still do on dev art, those are the names of my short animation series deals. not big and bad ass yet. but soon they will become great episodes for the public to enjoy on newgrounds. my scripts are ahead of my animating though sadly. so not much has been done yet. the animation I've done listed wont be on new grounds till they get better in quality.(mainly sound)
And I apologize for the print. you'll just have to squint.

The characters off to the far right are some of my creations from my shorts. some not even introduced yet.And of course some uniquely drawn VG characters. because we all loooove VG characters don't we?

You can go kick something now that once again I have talk more than you would've liked me to.

This is by no means any newbalomaniac speaking when it comes to newgrounds. first off I'm tired of being nomadic on this site. I've pissed myself off enough making tons of accounts on here and then abandoning them cause I was still in that stage cycle of a new name choice I should've never changed now that I'm back to my senses.
Well screw all of that, I'm using my real name. Kronoa is my old account. now preferably my music account I guess.:)
I'm a flash animator that is coming to a portal near you! I'm also a fancy script writer and enjoy doing voice overs for no apparent reason. so if I try out for something don't hold me back and go with some one you already know. thats for one, just not being open to new creative minds, and second, I could be better! heh.

Seriously though, I've got some great parodies coming out later on this fall, original material and so stay on watch for my works.
I've been animating slowly but surely these past two months. and so far things are turning out great.
no actual mega animated series bits yet, but that's coming soon I hope.

My name? how dare you question my name! ok I'll tell you about it...
I go by Chronoskun on the Net, and in my private chats currently Kronoa. got to change that...
chronoskun is a pretty clean name. look it up on the search wagon in google or something and you'll see what I HAVE done 98% of the time. the other 2% is some one or something else using that name combo for not necessarily a name, or nothing of importance.
Its chronoskun (Coon) with a slang K and U letter. all one word. and it was originally based off the Japanese Kun.but I rather it not be referenced like that.
thing is I like raccoons. ya most people (even my friends) don't know that.and I was just how you say blessed or automatically deemed the name chronos on the internet when I first started doing lurker activities. And the ch in the beginning of Chronos plays a deep and weird role. it is the last two letters of my last name in which everyone miss-pronounces. so ya. a well rounded netname. there.

I'm ambitious but rather shy. I want to get involved with people who share common ground and are dedicated. even if it means meeting them and being new to the whole process of doing collabs and such. lets just see how it all goes. I'll be sure and try not to disappoint!

youuuuu can go eat lunch now or something. your time has been formally wasted. ;D