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New Header. introduction on a little bit about my pre-animated stuff. > like you care.. :P

2009-09-09 01:10:57 by MattRauch

ya. I got a package in the UPS today. it was a head. I decided to post it on this lovely site of critics.

So ya. there it is. new header. Shows my net char.(updated look) not full body. If you seen, followed or follow me on my deviantart page you would know some of my char background (the yellow hair didn't cut it to well. looked to contrasty with the body colors.)
and the simple little animated shorts you can recognize me by under created I did and still do on dev art, those are the names of my short animation series deals. not big and bad ass yet. but soon they will become great episodes for the public to enjoy on newgrounds. my scripts are ahead of my animating though sadly. so not much has been done yet. the animation I've done listed wont be on new grounds till they get better in quality.(mainly sound)
And I apologize for the print. you'll just have to squint.

The characters off to the far right are some of my creations from my shorts. some not even introduced yet.And of course some uniquely drawn VG characters. because we all loooove VG characters don't we?

You can go kick something now that once again I have talk more than you would've liked me to.


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